Conversion Kits
Conversion Kits

We offer three models of conversion kits.  We have two fridge temperature blower models, one with a 14"W x 16"H x 1.5"D evaporator, and one with a 10"W x 20"H x 1.5"D evaporator.  We also offer a freezer box style with a 8"H x 12"W opening that is 11" deep.  The box can be installed horizontally or vertically and features a white plastic flapper door.  All three models use the efficient Danfoss BD-35 compressor and include 15' of tubing and a mechanical thermostat.

Our conversion kits come precharged with refrigerant and have everything you need to install it on your own.  For more info about what sets Sea Freeze units apart from the competition, see below.

10"W x 20"H Fridge Blower model kit:  $1,495
14"W x 16"H Fridge Blower model kit:  $1,545
8" x 12" x 11" Freezer Box evaporator kit:  $1,495

To place an order, please email us.